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Apartment Water Damage


Penthouse apartment owner was overseas when their flexi-hose to the water filter burst under the kitchen sink at night which flooded half of the unit and went under the wall into the adjoining penthouse which affected timber floating floor. Two apartments in the next level below also incurred water damage. Water damage was reported to the Resident Property Manager at 3.00am Saturday. Moisture Control Services (MCS) was called at 8.15am to attend.

Apartment where pipe burst

Water damage affected large dining room wool carpet including lower walls, tiled entry lower walls, media room carpet including lower walls, hallway including lower walls and robe of one bedroom including back lower wall.

Furniture was moved aside and blocked up with high density form blocks. An antique china cabinet had to be carefully unpacked and blocked up to prevent damage. Carpet had foam underlay and since it is wool carpet this could not be removed as the carpet will shrink resulting in the carpet being non-restorable. Consequently, affected areas were extracted using a carpet wand, a water claw was then used to remove as much moisture out of the foam underlay and extraction again of the surface moisture.

Carpet was then floated (dryer place under the carpet and on top of the underlay lifting the carpet off the underlay) which dries the carpet, underlay, concrete floor and lower walls all at the same time. Carpet was dry after three days where drying equipment was then focused upon the building structure that contained elevated moisture. Structure was dry after two more days where the affected carpet was then professionally cleaned. The next day, all furniture including china cabinet were moved back into place.

The apartment owner commented upon return (day after furniture was put back into place) that there was no indication that water had flooded their apartment.

Adjoining Penthouse

MCS attended this property late Saturday where the timber floating floor was already starting to cup. Agreed with the owner that MCS would uplift the affected timber floor in order to dry the concrete and lower walls thereby preventing any risk of mould germination.

Excessive expensive contents where located in the open lounge area where room was made to uplift the floor, then contents placed back on the concrete after extraction on form blocks. This continued up to 7.00pm with drying equipment installed and returned Sunday to complete the balance (approximately one third of the total area).

Concrete and lower walls were dry after five days of structural drying.


It is normal for MCS to send reports to the owner plus insurance company for content water damage and separate report to the Body Corporate insurer for building water damage. Invoicing needs to be separated for each aspect where all of this is normal practice when