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Crime Scene
Clean Up

We have extensive skills and expertise for the restoration of your property after a crime scene has been investigated by the police.

Overview of Crime Scene Clean Up

Moisture Control Services has all of the necessary skills and expertise for the restoration of your property where it has incurred a crime scene investigation by the police. MCS selects the best process to remove such applications based upon the chemical and surface that requires treatment. The services we offer are qualified through the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) and Jena Dyco International.

MCS cannot comprehend what the victims of crime and their families have incurred however privacy, discretion, empathy and dedication to restore their home to the highest of standards is what we offer.

In such situations it is normal the Police will advise the victims not to enter their home until it has been professional restored due to psychological implications from both the incident and impact of the crime scene investigation this may have upon the family. Consequently anything of value or item(s) specifically required by the client are removed by MCS when we first attend. Furthermore, we advise approximately the number of days required to restore their home.  MCS will adopt an efficient and effective recovery process guaranteeing workmanship and quality end result. 

Issues associated with Crime Scenes

Crime scenes mainly occur in residential properties where the residents are evacuated from their home so as to allow a detailed investigation by the Forensic personnel of the Queensland Police Service (QPS). Generally whatever incident took place at the property remains in that state after the Paramedics / Coroner have removed the injured / victims.

As part of the police investigation excessive number of photos are taken where numbered stickers and at times small measuring gauge or arrow are adhered to floors, walls, doors, ceilings, cupboards and contents. This provides points of reference and allows ongoing review / investigation of the case well after the date of the incident. If QPS need to ascertain the detection of blood normally Crystal Violet solution is used which is purple/blue in colour and can be very difficult to remove. As part of the on-site investigation the police investigators will dust the crime with fingerprint powder. This powder is difficult to clean due to its particulate size (less than 10 microns) which adheres to almost anything and finds near-microscopic nooks and crannies to lodge in. Two types of powder are used which are aluminium dust on dark or mirrored surfaces (white in colour) or carbon black for all other surfaces.

Due to the extensive investigation process the fingerprint powder is walked throughout the property over whatever floorcoverings exist. In the majority of cases where carpet is affected this needs to be uplifted and removed as it is beyond restoration.

MCS has a proven track record in restoring properties that have undergone extensive crime scene investigations.

Victims Assist – Government financial support

The Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General provides assistance for victims of crime. Victims LINK-UP is an information and referral service for victims of crime. Contact details are as follows:-

Tel: 1300 546 587 :: 8.30am – 5.00pm normal work days

Visit the Website ::

Also assistance is available from Queensland Homicide Victim’s Support Group. Tel: 1800 774 744