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MCS have a proven track record in solving your mould problem so it does not return. If we can’t detect the source of your mould problem we will not charge for the inspection.


When it comes to mould (mold) MCS has the expertise to perform professional mould inspection / assessment, restoration / remediation to your apartment, unit, home, house, property, building to your total satisfaction. 

Typical Mould process
  1. Inspection to determine cause, scope of work and quote
  2. Perform remediation as per scope of works
  3. Obtain clearance report

Health effects of mould exposure:

Mould can access your body through contact via skin/eyes, ingestion and inhalation. Exposure to elevated levels of airborne spores and hyphal fragments can result in a variety of adverse health effects like:-

Our Process in dealing with Mould Remediation:

Grade 1

Normal conditions, no mould damage. Surface samples return very low to non-detectable traces of fungi. Fungi detected indoor originates from outdoors.

Grade 2

Small area of visible mould. Less than 1 square metre in area. Spot cleaning and minor mitigation required.

Grade 3

Serious mould damage over a period of time. Visible mould growth clearly visible on less than 25% of all surfaces or not greater than 10sqm. Usually found in situations where there has been excessive moisture that has been trapped or generated indoors for an extended period of time. Building materials and contents may have sustained more than surface damage with some penetrating moisture and mould growth. Mould remediation required by trained technicians.

Grade 4

Severe mould damage affecting structural integrity of building materials such as wall and ceiling linings. Visible mould growth occurs on greater than 25% or more than 10sqm of interior surfaces. Structural materials most likely have high moisture content and require specific drying. Mould remediation and structural repair by trained personnel required.

MCS will ask the client:-

If mould is visible, the location of the contamination, size and how long has it been present?
Any water ingress issue that has occurred?
If no visible mould, why does the client think there is a mould issue (odour)?
Is the property tenanted (MCS prefers to talk with the occupant to understand how the dwelling is been used)?
MCS would organise with the client a suitable time to attend and understand in advance if this issue is presently restricted to those who need to know (mainly applicable to commercial jobs).
Depending upon your circumstance MCS will obtain the following data:-

External review of the property (slope of land, surrounding buildings, shading, drainage, type and pitch of roof etc.).

Property details (unit / townhouse – common walls, single or two storey, concrete slab/on stumps – crawl space, facing direction of the property etc.).

Obtain information from the property occupant in relation to the mould and general use of the dwelling.
Using a Hygrometer to test temperature and relative/specific humidity.

Assess areas for moisture using a non-penetrating moisture meter for water ingress/condensation.
Thermal imaging to help locate elevated moisture.

Detailed inspection of rooms affected (building structure/contents) which can include disengaging the carpet.
Review exhaust vents and inside the HVAC units.

If visible mould, determine best means for treatment.

Inspect inside the wall (if possible/applicable) with a borescope.
Conduct surface and/or air sampling.
Take photographs throughout the inspection.
MCS will provide a report of findings including, level of contamination, information gathered during the inspection, cause of mould, correction action to avoid ongoing mould, scope of works, quote including clearance report (additional sampling to prove decontamination has been successful) and general health guidelines.

Certain work may need to occur before remediation can commence and this would be clearly explained in our report. It should be understood where applicable that repairs to building material due to remediation work is not included in MCS quote.

Once remediation has been completed, mould sampling is re-conducted and results analysed, compiled and returned to the client. These results are very important to a number of parties:

– To MCS as it proves the work completed has decontaminated the affected areas.

– To the client as it is evidence that their facility is safe for all staff, visitors or contractors who attend such areas. Such results will also protect the business from any unknown future liabilities/claims which may be lodged at a later date by people who think they may have been affected at a point in time.

– To staff/tenant property owner as it provides confidence that proper action has been taken and their safety has been protected.

Call MCS to discuss your mould issue so we can determine the best option to meet your needs.