Moisture Control Professional Services

Rug & Carpet Cleaning

MCS provides your total solution for water damage including structural drying (building), Timber floor drying, documentation drying through to concrete moisture testing.

Overview of Rug Cleaning Services

Moisture Control Services has the expertise is clean your rugs to a high professional standard. Rugs are normally removed from the home or business so they can be professionally cleaned in a controlled environment. When returned Moisture Control Services is happy to install them back into their original position.

Rug identification is important as this determines the best means for cleaning your rug and condition of your rug is recorded. Loose dirt/sand is removed by agitation or compressed air flow. This step is critical as on average 74-79% of the soil found in rugs is dry particle, fibrous and insoluble. Meaning the most effective way to remove this type of soil is dry extraction/vacuuming. Before cleaning your rug we will conduct a coluorfastness (or dye transfer) test to ensure dye does not bleed from the rug with the cleaning solution we would be using. If stain treatment or fringe cleaning is required additional charges will apply.

If rug has been contaminated by your pet we can eliminate the smell but a stain may be visible on the affected area.

Stain Resistant Treatment

When cleaning your rug Moisture Control Services would recommend that we treat your rug to resist stains and soiling to further protect your rug and its appearance. We can offer you the following protection:-

Advance stain resistant treatment (common known as scotchguard) treatment decreases the ability of a liquid base stains to penetrate the carpet fibre. Benefits are resistance to oil, water, household food and beverages and adhesion of dry soils. For most commercial clients and residential customers this treatment is worth the additional investment.

Benefits include your rug will look better, stay cleaner for longer, cleans better when you vacuum, last longer and helps prevent permanent stains.

Expert rug cleaning call Moisture Control Services – Modern, traditional, shaggy and antique rugs.

We have experience with the following type of Rugs:
To clean your rugs with care, we need to develop a thorough understanding of:

  • Fibres – Different fibres are classified as natural (wool, silk, cotton, linen, rayon) or synthetic (nylon, polypropylene, acrylic).
  • Dyes – this knowledge enables us to do a better cleaning job by being aware of the rug dying method. For example acid dyes are used extensively for dying wool, silk and nylon meaning they cannot be cleaned in hot water.
  • Constructions – rugs are either machine made (tufted, bonded or woven) or hand-made (woven or knotted plus numerous specialty types).
  • Correct solution selection that will be subject to the fibre to avoid dye bleeding.
  • Cleaning methods – from the knowledge above MCS can make a professional choice to suit the rug we are cleaning.