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Commercial Water Damage


Vacant commercial premises existed on level 1 where it was unknown that water damage had occurred due to a gutter overflow. Eventually water started to come through the suspended ceiling tiles in the tenancy below in on a hallway. Property Manager attended site to discover the water damage.


Moisture Control Services (MCS) was contacted at 3.35pm on Monday requiring urgent attendance. Property Manager showed tenancy on ground level which was a secured site and since they were closing shortly and water was still dripping from floor above, it was agreed to attend Tuesday morning.

Level 1 hallway was wet when entering and standing water was over kitchen/lunchroom floor (vinyl) with two collapsed ceiling tiles and others excessively wet. In the large open area, several ceiling tiles had collapsed and large pool of water existed where the concrete floor had a small dip. Water had gone under two walls affecting three other office areas.

Water Damage Recovery

MCS pulled down all ceiling tiles that were excessively wet in order to make the site safe. These were bagged and disposed of immediately. Water extraction commenced removing as much moisture as possible from the vinyl and carpet floor coverings. Walls, windows and telecommunications cupboard in the kitchen where ceiling tiles had collapsed were wiped clean.

Structural Drying

Using a non-penetrating moisture meter walls in all water damaged areas were assessed where those in the open area and offices next to this were wet and required drying.

Drying & Finishing

A 170sqm area was affected from the water damage where four commercial dehumidifiers and 14 turbo dryers were installed. Total area was dry late Friday morning and all carpet professionally carpet cleaned after which no indication of the water damage was visible other than the ceiling tiles to replace.