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Mould Remediation


Client had all contents in storage with a leading removal and storage firm for just over five years due to work commitments overseas. Upon return home, the majority of contents were returned throughout the house and client was asked to open all the boxes and to itemise anything damaged for insurance purposes. Unknowingly, the contents became affected with mould while in storage and when opening all boxes, the entire house become cross-contaminated. This was validated by a Building Biologist including mould samples where the client was advised to have the premises and contents remediated by an accredited remediator, employing methods in accordance with s520 IICRC Professional mould remediation. Client could not reside in their home due to becoming sick from the mould.


House consisted of master bedroom, WIR, ensuite, living room, kitchen, dining room, media/TV room, library, bathroom, laundry, toilets, bedroom 2 including ensuite, bedroom 3 and 4 plus loft bedroom. Dining room and library had raked apex ceiling with a maximum height of 5.3 meters. A staged plan of action was developed using negative air pressure to prevent cross contamination.

Containment walls

Fixed containment wall was erected across narrow section of the house which included two doorways and front of kitchen. Two HEPA air scrubbers were ducted into the wall, filtering clean air into the second half of the house creating negative air pressure on the first half where remediation will occur. Five zip walls where erected segregating the first half of the house allowing MCS to progressively remediate area by area. When the first half was completed, the two air scrubbers in the fixed containment wall were changed around allowing us to commence the other side.


All fabric based items and any others that could not be remediated were moved out first. Containment walls erected, air scrubbers installed. Actual treatment involved HEPA vacuuming every surface of the building and contents then using the most appropriate mould cleaning solution to treat all surfaces twice. Samples were taken during the process in order to gain mould clearance meaning the area is back to normal mould ecology.