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Biohazard Clean-Up


Moisture Control Services (MCS) was requested to attend a unit which required substantial decontamination. Occupant always attended to family functions and friends ensuring nobody entered her unit. Unfortunately the occupant was a hoarder and over time the premises resulted in a very unhealth state. When the occupant was eventually hospitalised the extent of the living standards was discovered by family members.

MCS made a detailed list of all items of sentimental value to ensure these were retained. 

Affected areas and initial remediation

MCS attended with the Property Manager and family member (restricted from entering unit). Front door would only partly open, MCS slipped through and removed contents blocking the door. Upon entry a strong odour existed and majority of all the floors were covered with rubbish/ food / items purchased by the occupant which was half a meter deep in numerous places. As you moved towards the combined bathroom / laundry the stench was like sewage. Upon getting to the bathroom doorway the toilet was blocked and filled to the top. Faeces/ body fluids / pads surrounded the floor of the toilet. Pushing the cobwebs aside, reaching over a pile of cloth driers that were stacked inside the handle of the window was reach and was eventually pulled open. Fruit flies existed throughout the unit. Bathroom, hallway, bedroom, lounge, dining and kitchen were all affected.

Outside, MCS met with the property manager / family member where we requested a list of precious / sentimental items to recover and store for the family members to collect. Discussed the scope of works and then applied MCS workers to start the recovery process of the unit. We were. Faeces and bodily fluids had contaminated floors, walls and all surfaces. A report of all works to be completed and photos of all items both disposed and restored.

Fumigated unit before sorting through the items.  A plumber was called out to unblock the toilet. Started removing all contaminated items from the unit and disposed. Cleaned and sanitised all salvageable items to store away for the tenant and family members to sort through. Disposed of all old food and rubbish. Clothes that were not restorable were disposed. All furnishing were sorted through and disposed of items that were not restorable. MCS replaced all lighting in the unit with new light bulbs. Cleaned all structural parts of the unit including walls, ceilings, lights, windows, doors, floors, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Deodorised the unit and handed the keys back to the family members of the tenant.

All items that were salvageable were returned to the unit in boxes for the family members to sort through.