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Residential Sewage Inundation Clean Up


Major pipe blockage occurred near this property causing raw sewage to inundate the entire home affecting all areas excluding one small corner of the lounge room. Occupants had to evacuate the home and repairs took place immediately.


Majority of contents in the house were contaminated with raw sewage and most items were not restorable. This occupant did not have contents insurance, MCS did what they could to restore valued items, sadly most of the contents could not be restored and was disposed by MCS. After removing all contents out of the house, MCS set up specialised equipment to initially decontaminate the house. Pressure washed all the internal areas of the house and external pathways affected. Removed contaminated dirt and gravel from various places of the yard.


Due to the extent of sewage, destructive works was required to lower walls of most rooms. MCS removed the skirting boards and contaminated lower walls which were disposed of accordingly. All floors exposed wall cavities and base plates were thoroughly decontaminated.

MCS set up specialising drying equipment to remove excess moisture from all affected structural areas of the home. Penetrating moisture meters were used to ensure timber base plates were dry to an acceptable level so as to prevent mould germination.