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Residential Water Damage Restoration


Property owner left home as usual with a load of clothes being washed in their front load washing machine. Upon return water was flowing out of their garage and down the driveway into the road gutters.

It is assumed that the washing machine in the spin dry cycle vibrated off the elevated stand which snapped the hose to the water tap. With the tap on, it continued to flow which subsequently flooded three quarters of their low block home.

Affected areas and initial remediation

Garage, laundry, main hallway, bathroom, toilet and small hallway, bedroom 1 (main), 2, 3 & 4, rumpus, family room and kitchen. The majority of the floors were tiled which the client has mopped up and dried with exception of the laundry and garage. Bedroom carpets were affected which the owner thought was the only damage from this event.

When MCS arrived the Owner explained what had occurred. MCS lifted the washing machine upright, blocked up, wiped the electrical cord and washing machine dry, and then connected to power where the machine had 3 minutes left of the spin dry cycle. At the end of this cycle the door unlocked in order for the clothes to be removed.

Extracted standing water from the laundry, garage, four bedrooms, wiped / dry washing machine stand and draw underneath and placed this in the garage blocked up to dry. Assessed carpet in the four bedrooms. Removed affected underlay and two robe carpet sections to dry back at MCS premises as well as four rugs. Floated carpet to dry including concrete floor, smoothedge and lower walls.

Water came in under kitchen bench (not sealed at bottom) to the kitchen floor area. Three sections of the kitchen bench were affected. Inserted holes into the bottom shelves and installed heat bar unit with pipes to dry underneath.

Structural Damage

Thirty-nine moisture points were recorded (excel spreadsheet included) with photos throughout the dwelling which were forwarded to the insurer with a floor map showing such locations.

Three days later (Friday) the carpet and concrete floor underneath was dry. Original underlay was re-used and professionally relayed the carpet in all four bedrooms. One dehumidifier was removed and the balance of equipment re-positioned accordingly.

MCS returned after the weekend where all moisture points were dry including under the kitchen bench. Placed vented caps over the holes inside the kitchen cupboards and removed all equipment.

MCS informed insurer of additional damage to the vanity cupboard in bathroom and laundry cupboard where repairs are warranted due to swelling at the base.


Assessed all walls throughout the affected areas where every room had elevated moisture to the building structure. Client did not want temporary accommodation and with the extent of rooms affected MCS had to work out the most effective means for drying yet allowing the client to reside in the house. The design of the house allowed MCS to install a containment wall between main hallway to the family room, closed sliding door between hallway to rumpus which then provided drying conditions for this half of the house with all windows and external door closed. Installed dehumidifiers and turbo dryers to dry the structure. On the other side of the house one dryer was located in the rumpus and family room with heat bar in kitchen. All equipment was positioned as best possible to allow access for the client.

Independent Assessor

The insurer appointed an independent assessor who promptly approved our invoice for payment after receiving all MCS reports and photos from this job.