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Sewage Inundation


Sewage pipe became blocked and raw sewage came out of drains under the house. Affected area included garage, open area, part laundry and path from back door. Sewer pipe was unblocked by local water authority.


All contents that are non-restorable are recorded with photos taken for insurance purposes. These are bagged or if larger items sanitised and placed outside for disposal by MCS. If required, plastic can be laid over the ground prior to moving contents out to prevent cross contamination if warranted. Balance of contents are decontaminated and placed in an unaffected area.


Subject to level of contamination, it may need be to physically shovelled up and waste disposed of accordingly. The affected area is sprayed with decontamination solution, allow dwell time and pressure wash/extract waste water. Total area is then sprayed again which is then dried with air movers or naturally if in open area.


Swab(s) are then taken for each room affected to validate the area is totally decontaminated.


Affected contents are then removed from site and disposed of accordingly.