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Water Damage with Sub-floor Drying


Burst flexi-pipe under the kitchen sink was the source of water damage where it affected the kitchen (tiled) and timber floating floor in the lounge room.

Initial inspection

Moisture Control Services (MCS) first attended this job on Sunday to assess damage to building structure and took photos / details of four content items water damaged for insurance purposes. Monday insurance report with photos and recommended that the timber floating floor be uplifted and timber floor dried. This was approved to proceed the same day.

Lounge Room

The lounge room timber floating floor (refer photos below) was uplifted which revealed the particle board where some self-leveller filler had been used (refer photos below). Six heat mats with two boost boxes (generates the heat through the mats) were installed covering the affected timber floor.

The drying process was monitored and the floor was dry after six days. Equipment was then removed.

Complication – Kitchen floor

Tiled kitchen (refer photos below) water proofing was comprised and water went through the tiled floor, bedding and water proof layer affecting the particle board below (refer photos below). MCS submitted quote to dry the timber sub-floor under the tiled kitchen (refer photos below) which was accepted after a short delay during which time an independent assessor attended the property.

Quote was accepted which included erecting a containment wall around the affected timber sub-floor with zip to allow entry. This containment wall will allow our drymatic unit to greatly reduce the relative humidity and increase temperature inside thereby creating ideal drying conditions for the timber floor. Two air movers will be required to circulate the air over the affected areas (refer photos below).